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April 29, 2019

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cyber Chapter Meeting



What the Heck is Bullet Journaling?

Learn the Pro’s and the Con’s to getting started with Bullet Journaling. Not all people require technology to be productive. In fact, some do better with fewer distractions and a good old pen & paper. There are many benefits of getting started with journaling. You are creating a powerful tool for reflection. You will develop productive habits that reinforce this new habit, so it’s a life-long investment of your time spent learning. This is a very powerful tool that you can use for your personal/professional life, and also to share with your clients to inspire them to stay organized.

Bio: After travelling for a few years around the world with just a backpack, Emilio Jose Garcia and Samantha Kristoferson met in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2011. In 2012, they came to Canada and decided to take full control of their lives and their time. They decided to pursue their passion for helping others eliminate frustrations, struggles and wasted time.

Using their experiences and skills absorbed from around the world, Samantha & Emilio guide you to living a more meaningful and happy life. They harness the power of Organization, Minimalism, and Self Care to help you find your own recipe for an extraordinary life. Above all, Samantha & Emilio provide a framework for you to see the big picture and achieve your ideal lifestyle. Through community outreach, coaching, courses, and their hardcover book, Samantha & Emilio are dedicated to helping you invest in your mindset, daily habits, and to getting you to that next level of success, no matter where you are in the process right now. Samantha and Emilio live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with their cat, Negrito. They are business partners and happily married. They love travelling, anything outdoors, learning and spending time with friends and family. They share a lot of videos on their Youtube channel (Fun, Travel, Local, Food, Q&A, Clients Stories, Media and more).


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