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January 29, 2018

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cyber Chaper Meeting


From Time Management to LifeTime Management - The practical approach to creating a life without regret

Explore “Compass”, part of the Streamlife Productivity CPR model for sustainable productivity and peace of mind. Learn the repeatable, proven method to design a life you will be proud of. Discover the six key areas of life that require your attention, and how through Awareness, Alignment and Action you will remain captain of your own ship.

Presenter: Clare Kumar of Streamlife www.streamlife.ca

Clare Kumar is privileged to be one of Canada’s thought leaders and subject matter experts on Organization and Productivity. As a Highly Sensitive Person, Clare turned challenges into strengths developing organizing skills in an effort to be more comfortable in her surroundings and more successfully navigate the world.

A fifteen-year corporate career followed by evolution as an entrepreneur over the past twelve years has led her to refine her thinking and share her philosophies and models with a wide audience, at home and at work, from the kitchen counter to the corner office.

Her love of performing, word play and crafting sound bites comes through in her media work as a spokesperson for brands including volunteering for POC. Clare is often invited to contribute as a guest expert in radio, television and print across the country.

Clare also has experience with products, from co-creating Pliio® - the only folding tool that keeps clothes tidy, to writing The Organized Family Planning Calendar (which has to be read with correct pauses, otherwise sounds like it has something to do with contraception!), and The Balanced Life Calendar (which Clare would rename now as she’s figured out that balance is not really worth aiming for.)

Clare was honoured in 2013 with the Harold Taylor Award for her “outstanding contributions to the organizing industry”.

She is mum to two teenagers, one attention-seeking dachshund, and two adorable cats, and lives on the lake in Toronto.




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