Upcoming Courses & Events

May 12, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Halton-Peel Chapter Meeting



At the AGM the executive will be sharing about our chapter with a Chair's report, financial report, and we will be holding executive elections.

If anyone would like to be on the executive they should contact Hilda before the meeting at pochpchair@gmail.com.


We would like to encourage you to read a book, article, blog or listen to podcasts or webinars that will help you in your organizing business and come share your one main take away from it. We will be giving a few minutes to each member that would like to share.

Newcomer’s Circle

Members who joined POC in the last few months are welcome to attend. The Newcomer’s Circle starts at 8:30pm just after our Zoom meeting ends. Diane Woodward, Membership Coordinator, and another member of the Executive Committee will stay on the call to provide information as well as answer questions that you have. If you would be interested in attending our next Newcomer’s Circle, which will be held after our May 12, 2020 meeting, you need to RSVP separately for the Newcomers' Circle by the day before the meeting at halton-peel@organizersincanada.com.


POC Members free, Guests $20 cash please


On-line Zoom Meeting


Hilda Rodgers
Phone: 647-238-8023
Email: halton-peel@organizersincanada.com