Trained Professional Organizing Program (TPO)

The Trained Professional Organizer Program is a rewarding learning experience led by professional organizers and subject matter experts. Courses cover residential and business organizing, safety, basic marketing, assessments, working with children and seniors, as well as many other topics.

By completing 12 classes – 10 core classes and any 2 specialty classes – POC members are eligible to write the Trained Professional Organizer Exam. Successful candidates receive a certificate as a graduate of the program and may identify themselves as a POC Trained Professional Organizer. Please note that completion of the 12 classes is mandatory in order to write the exam. POC members who have been a member for a minimum of the past 3 consecutive years can challenge the exam. The POC Trained Professional Organizer program is a training program, not an accreditation program, and as such does not entitle the organizer to use words such as certified, endorsed, authorized, accredited, or qualified Professional Organizer in their marketing material, or the initials TPO following their name.

Exams are offered twice per year; in the spring hosted by local chapters and in the autumn at the Annual Conference.

Congratulations to those who passed the TPO exam in 2018!

Kellie Addison Agnes Hobmaier Phyllis Neal
Linda Authier Rachel Honig Effy Nicopoulos
Karen Bodoano Melanie Hurn Crystal Orosz
April Butz Marjorie Keay Collette Oswald
Ingrid Carleton-Dodds Malorie Kohos Jeri Pitzel
Leah Cromb Devorah Leah Lewin Lynn Ruel
Karissa Dirk Marilyn Mack Darcie Russell
Jen Gibson CJ Martin Amanda Side
Irene Gilmour Allison McKinnon Atina Thorning
Miranda Hadden Caroline Mitchell Sheeba Uzzaman
Stefanie Hamelin Kavita Naraine Lori-Jo Whitfield


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Learning Options

Teleclass: These classes are delivered over the phone as a teleclass.

Course Pricing

The E-100 series and E-200 series courses are $62.00/course + GST/HST for POC members and $90.00/course + GST/HST for non-members.

POC members should login before registering to benefit from discounted member rates.

TPO Exam Pricing

Any POC member who has taken all 10 basic 100 series classes plus 2 of the 200 series classes, is eligible to write the exam at the regular price of $150.00 + GST/HST.

Any POC member who has not taken all the required courses but has been a member for a minimum for the past 3 consecutive years can challenge the exam at the price of $350.00 + GST/HST.