Trained Professional Organizer Program

The basic education credit program is comprised of a series of classes taught by experienced POC members. In most cases, classes are delivered over the phone, though some are taught “live” at our annual Conference. Courses cover residential and business organizing, safety, basic marketing, assessments, working with children and seniors, as well as many other topics.

Currently, the program consists of the following courses:

Core Classes

E-101 - Introduction to Professional Organizing and POC Code of Ethics
E-102 - The Assessment
E-103 - Fees and Billings
E-104 - Basic Residential Organizing
E-105 - Marketing and PR for Organizers
E-106 - Organizing Tools
E-107 - Basic Office Organizing
E-108 - Working with the Chronically Disorganized
E-109 - Safety Issues and Procedures
E-111 - Starting an Organizing Business - Boundaries and Business Practices

Specialty Classes


E-201 - Working with Seniors
E-202 - Working with Children
E-203 - Room-by-Room Organizing
E-204 - Family Management
E-205 - Closet and Pantry Organizing


E-211 - Filing Systems
E-212 - Time Management
E-213 - Contact Management **NOTE: this class is temporarily unavailable**
E-220 - Setting Up a Home Office

Classes are offered on a rotating basis. Some courses may be suggested as prerequisites to others.