POC has three awards for members who have made noteworthy contributions to the organization and our industry: the POC Ambassador Award, Harold Taylor Award and President's Award. The Ambassador and Harold Taylor Awards are presented annually while the President’s Award is given on a special merit basis.

Award Committee Policy and Procedure (PDF)

POC Ambassador Award

Pauline Hoffman

Pauline Hoffman – Just In Time Solutions

Congratulations to Pauline Hoffman who was presented with the Professional Organizers in Canada Ambassador Award at the 2017 Conference.

Pauline Hoffman is the owner and founder of Just In Time Solutions. She has been a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada since 2001 and is one of nine Certified Professional Organizers in Canada.

Pauline is an individual who has always had the confidence and the ability to strive for more. She has grown her organizing company into one of the leading companies in the London and surrounding area. And with that experience she continues to support and provide resources to many in the organizing industry as well as other community groups.

Pauline may have one fault, and that is many times she thinks with her heart. She never says “no” when a community organization or group calls for help. Her door is revolving.

The POC Ambassador Award was created to honour a POC member who gives back to other organizers, who is involved with his or her chapter and who devotes time and energy volunteering in the local community. Chapter members and members of the local community may nominate POC members who have made outstanding contributions in these areas.

The criteria for this award are as follows:

  • The nominee is a member in good standing of POC.
  • The nominee is involved in mentoring other organizers.
  • The nominee currently or has in the past volunteered in their POC chapter.
  • The nominee contributes his or her time and energy in the community.

The Award is presented during the POC Conference.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2016 - Kelly Hipkin, Organized Lives Ltd.
  • 2015 - Laura Kay, Laura Kay Organizing
  • 2014 - Elinor Warkentin, Goodbye Clutter!
  • 2013 - Stephanie Deakin, Re: Organized!
  • 2012 - Soraiya Kara, POSabilities Personal Organizing
  • 2011 - Wendy Hollick, Neat Spaces

Harold Taylor Award

Alison Lush

Alison Lush – Certified Professional Organizer

Congratulations to Alison Lush who was presented with the Professional Organizers in Canada Harold Taylor Award at the 2017 Conference.

A POC member since April 2010, Alison began volunteering for our association and our industry almost immediately. She has been a POC Education Committee member, POC Director of Education, an ICD Teleclass Committee member, the ICD Volunteer Coordinator, the POC Website Translation Coordinator, and is currently the POC Ethics Chair and ICD Corporate Secretary.

Alison is committed to learning and working according to industry best practices, and has earned dual certification: ICD Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD® in 2015), and BCPO Certified Professional Organizer (CPO® in 2016). She is the sixth CPO-CD® in Canada, and the first certified organizer in Quebec.

Professional evolution led Alison to rebrand in 2016, putting more emphasis on the personal nature of services offered, now working under the banner “Alison Lush Certified Professional Organizer”.

Alison credits many veteran organizers in our community for having encouraged and supported her over the years, and endeavors to continue the practice, herself encouraging and supporting many newer organizers in our community.

Native of Toronto, Alison has lived in Montreal for 30 years. She is actively engaged in the continuing development of our industry for both francophone organizers, and the francophone public.

Alison and her husband Daniel strive to maintain a community-based, simple lifestyle: Alison is a long-standing member of a carshare, and the couple live in a housing cooperative, sharing both responsibilities and resources.

During the first Annual POC Conference in 2001, the Board of Directors of POC was pleased to announce the inception of The Harold Taylor Award.

The Board of Directors created the award to recognize outstanding individual contribution, guidance and direction to the organizing profession, and for support of Professional Organizers in Canada. Each year, the Past President of POC assists a volunteer committee of between three and five POC members who agree to be responsible for the award process. Notice of the Harold Taylor Award is made to the membership on a yearly basis.

Members of POC are free to nominate their choice of one POC member whom they feel best exemplifies the mission of POC, and who by their actions has made a significant contribution to the field of organizing. The awards committee then selects the winner from amongst these nominations. Once the final choice has been made, the award is presented at the Annual Conference Gala Dinner.

The mission of Professional Organizers in Canada: Providing visibility, credibility and connection.

The award is an Inukshuk (in-uk-shook) sculpture created by artist R.Ellsworth. The Inukshuk is a monument created in the human image, which is erected in groups by the Inuit in the barren, treeless Arctic regions. The Inukshuk serves as a guide to give direction, to show the way and to say "I was" or "we were" here. The meticulously handcrafted replication is truly unique, as no moulds are used. Each component is randomly selected, and then the sculpture is erected piece by piece, just as the larger life version would be. This process ensures that each sculpture has its own identity.

History of the Harold Taylor Award (PDF)

Past Award Recipients

  • 2016 - Linda Chu, Out of Chaos Organizing Services and Soraiya Kara, POSabilities Personal Organizing
  • 2015 - Carolyn Caldwell, Wellrich Organizers
  • 2014 - Jane Veldhoven, Get Organized Professional Services
  • 2013 - Clare Kumar, Streamlife®
  • 2011 - Kristie Demke, Organomics Professional Organizing
  • 2010 - Joel-Marc Goldberg, The JGAP Group
  • 2009 - Jane Woolsey, An Organized Vision
  • 2008 - Donna Campbell, Organize-etc
  • 2007 - Debra Milne,
  • 2006 - Morva Bowman, Masters of Space and Time
  • 2005 - Estelle Gee, Orderly Lives
  • 2004 - Hellen Buttigieg, We Organize U
  • 2003 - Karen Sencich, Havoc to Harmony and Laurene Livesey-Park,
  • 2002 - Margaret Miller, TERAGRAM Coaching & Consulting Group
  • 2001 - Harold Taylor, Harold Taylor Time Consultants Inc.

President's Award

Marie Potter

Congratulations to Marie Potter who was presented with the Professional Organizers in Canada Presidents Award at the 2016 Conference.

Marie Potter is one of the founders of the BC Lower Mainland Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada where she shared free office space for POC meetings for many years. She was on the BCLM Executive in 2003 for 2 years and was instrumental in NOWeek marketing. A Silver Leaf Member, she has served on the POC National Board as the Director of Marketing since 2013. She is currently one of POC’s national spokespersons and holds a PMP certification.

Marie lead the Website Redesign Taskforce, Biz-Zone, AssociationsFirst and the French Translation team over a 2 year period to recreate the POC website. Today as a result of her outstanding contribution to POC and teamwork, POC enjoys a responsive, trend setting, concise and user-friendly website.

The President's Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to POC or the organizing industry not described under other award categories. The POC board President chooses the recipient. If there is a recipient, this award is presented at conference.

The POC board President selects the President's Award recipient based on the following criteria:

  1. The recipient is a POC general member;
  2. The recipient has made an outstanding/special contribution to POC.
  3. The recipient does not qualify to receive an award under any other award categories.

The award may not be presented every year as it is at the President's discretion. The Award is presented during the POC Conference.

President's Award Past Recipients

  • 2011 - Alexandra Ross, Organizing Wizard
  • 2008 - Jacki Hollywood Brown, J-organize